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Why Choose Me as Your Lawyer?

Because I have the knowledge and experience to get you justice for your dental malpractice claim. While there are thousands of lawyers in the metropolitan New York City area very few really specialize in dental malpractice. Most personal injury law firms will represent clients that have claims arising from all kinds of negligence. They are general practitioners. I am a specialist. If you had a complex medical problem wouldn't you seek out a medical specialist? Of course you would. The same holds true when you need a lawyer to get you justice for your dental malpractice case.

I started my legal career 25 years ago working as an in-house lawyer for Hartford Insurance at its Manhattan office. From the very start I was defending dentists in malpractice cases. My undergraduate degree is in pharmacy sciences and this background served me well for understanding the science and art of dentistry. I learned dentistry by defending dentists.

I am a sole practitioner. I take the time to know my clients and their cases. When you retain me as your lawyer, I am the only attorney who will work on your case. I do everything that I can to make sure your case progesses as quickly as possible through the court system. Your case is important to me and it is important that I get you justice.